Forrest Gump

The Cast

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks plays the main character Forrest Gump. He is known for many other recent films such as The Davinci Code, and Angels and Demons. He is also a very renowned Produce. rHe has produced several famous movies such as The Polar Express, The Ant Bully, Evan Almighty and many other movies.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise plays the character Lieutenant Dan who is the commanding officer of Forrest Gump when he goes to Vietnam. He is famous for starring in the television serial, CSI: New York. He is also famous for the movie Apollo 13 where he starred as one of the main characters along with Tom Hanks. He has also had a role in movies like Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright plays the character of Jenny Curran who is the best friend of Forrest Gump. She is famous as a model in Japan and Paris although she has also played roles in several movies such as Beowulf, and Unbreakable.

Mykelti Williamson

Mykelti Williamson plays the character of Bubba who is one of Forrest's dear friends and his inspiration to join the shrimping business. He is known for playing main roles in movies like Con Air, Heat and Three Kings.

Sally Field

Sally Field plays the character of Forrest's Mother. She was actually born in Pasadena, California where she soon pursued a career in the film Industry. She has won 2 Oscars along with 24 other wins and 31 nominations. She is known for her performances in movies like Brothers & Sisters, The Flying Nun and Mrs. Doubtfire.