Forrest Gump

About the Movie


Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis is a movie that is placed in the late 20th century that entails the life story of a simple man, Forrest Gump who is born with an iIQ that is less than the normal average. The movie goes from Forrest's childhood all the way to his adulthood where he starts a family of his own. The movie starts with a flying feather in the sky along with Forrest going to school as a young boy. Unfortunately he has significant difficulties learning as his IQ is below normal. It is on his first day at school where he meets his best friend named Jenny. Jenny is his only friend and ends up helping Forrest with his struggles in life. Jenny lives a similar life to Forrest as she experiences child abuse from her father. Forrest soon learns of his ability to run extremely fast which gets him a football scholarship to college. After college Forrest enlists in the army and is stationed in Vietnam where he meets Bubba who convinces him to go into the shrimping business after the war. Forrest also makes a good relationship with Lieutenant Dan who is the leader of the whole platoon. Later on while patrol, the whole platoon is attacked and Forrest rescues many of the men. Sadly, Bubba is killed in action and Lt. Dan is injured causing him to lose both his legs. Forrest receives a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions. While in recovery for a bullet shot in the buttox, Forrest discovers his ability to play ping-pong which eventually leads him to represent the United States and play against the Chinese. When he returns home, he receives $25,000 in endorsements which he uses to buy a shrimping boat. Lt. Dan from Vietnam joins him as the first mate to the captain of the boat. Although initially Forrest has little luck finding enough shrimp, he beings to pull huge amounts of shrimp after a being the only surviving boat in the Hurricane Carmen. Lt. Dan invests the money that they make in Apple Computer and Forrest soon makes enough money to be financially secure for the rest of his life. Forrest proposes to Jenny but she declines his proposal. Forrest soon feels obligated to prove to Jenny that anybody can experience love. Forrest then decides to go for a run, and never stops running. He ends up running across the nation for more than three years. His run ends with, "I'm tired now, I think I'm gonna go home." Forrest then receives a letter from Jenny where she asks him to visit her. Forrest does so where he finds out that he is the father of Jenny's son. Jenny tells Forrest that she is suffering from a disease. They both move back to Alabama, where Forrest finally marries her and starts his own family. Jenny soon dies afterwards. The movie ends with Forrest sending his son off to school. As the bus pulls away, the same white feather from the beginning of the movie is seen flying in the wind.